Drones: A Workshop of Answers

As drones develop and become central elements in our society, there are many questions as to how to educate our young populations of the many facets these flying machines contain. Educating 4 Leadership (E4L) is proud to offer a workshop to address those topics, led by E4L co-founder Dr. Mark Standley.

You will leave this workshop with detailed answers to your drone questions for your school, community, and students' safety.

Download a FREE COPY of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): Book of Questions for Schools
by Dr. Mark Standley


A leader-led workshop addressing the issues surrounding drone operation, oriented especially for school environments. The curriculum covers topics of safety, integration of drones into a STREAM environment, community service, and how to start a drone business. Questions within the books for the workshop, Drone: Book of Questions and Drone Essential Knowledge and Skills (DEKS), will also be covered. Participants that have specific questions related to their school drone programs and/or individual aspirations can have them addressed throughout the workshop.


The instructor from E4L will come to your school, or where ever you would prefer to have the workshop.

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We encourage teams (limit of 15 people) to participate and offer a discounted group rate. Curriculum materials include:

  • Drone Essential Knowledge and Skills (DEKS) Rubric (standards and mastery based) (middle and high school)

    • Designed to help students learn about drones and STEAM, prepare for the FAA Part 107 Commercial UAV exam and start their own drone business with business partnership internships

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) : Book of Questions for Schools

    • Designed to help schools ask important questions about policy, curriculum integration, safety, and after-school drone programs

  • Drone Essential Knowledge and Skills (DEKS) : Book of Questions

    • Designed to help students ask important questions about drones, passing the Part 107 commercial UAV exam, interning for a drone business, and starting their own drone business using business planning

  • $1,995 for a 6-hour workshop

  • Limit of 15 participants per workshop

  • Additional cost to workshop fee include the travel and lodging costs of the E4L instructor.



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