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Our Mission:


We provide support for education projects that create authentic and relevant leadership opportunities that engage students on a global scale, creating experiences that inspire lifelong learners.


Our Story

Educating 4 Leadership (E4L) works with students, schools, communities, and other groups globally to promote student leadership through contextual learning - we believe in teaching and learning by doing. It is important to us that the students of today are ready to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Young people have a special place in our hearts, and we want to ensure they are capable of cooperating with others securing a strong future through leadership and community building.

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our supported projects

E4L currently provides training and support for two major educational projects in three locations. One is the Teaching through Technologies (T3) Alliance, an adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system that can be widely adapted to increase the STEM interest of high school students. The other is "Gear Up", which has two branches - the Lower Kuskokwim Drone Project in the Lower Kuskokwim School District of Alaska, as well as at the Katherine A. Porter School (KAPS) in Texas.

teaching through technology (t3) alliance

A short video that explains the T3 Alliance from the perspectives of the students.

Teachers learning how to incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum.

Teachers learning how to incorporate 3D printing into their curriculum.

The vision of the Teaching Through Technologies (T3) Alliance is to provide a replicable, adaptable, and scalable curriculum and a comprehensive support mechanism that can be widely adapted to increase the STEM interest and engagement of high school students from underrepresented minority groups.

T³ Alliance provides instructors and students online and in-person support to adopt a curriculum detailing the scientific background and hands-on use of Raspberry Pi programmable devices, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles (air, land, and water).

E4L has partnered with T3 Alliance and gives educational support and training to students and instructors online and at face-to-face training. E4L believes that by engaging students in hands-on technical learning and enabling them to apply this knowledge in a service project of relevance to their communities, the T3 Alliance will encourage the students to further pursue STEM study and careers.

Gear Up Project

Students working with drones in Texas.

Students working with drones in Texas.

Dr. Mark Standley, E4L Education Specialist, is working with the Lower Kuskokwim School District on their “Gear Up” project; teaching students and staff how to fly drones, the ethics and safety, and then the process of getting their commercial drone license and forming their own businesses. 

The goal of the Gear Up project is to have students work toward the following:

1) FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone License
2) Drone Essential Knowledge and Skills (DEKS)
3) Community Service(s) in their home community and region
4) Creating a commercial drone business with a business plan 

Gear Up will support eligible students through researching and identifying business, non-profit, and government partners as potential internship places and/or contracted drone services provided by student-owned businesses.

We believe in teaching and learning by doing.
— Dr. Mark Standley, co-founder

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Dr. Mark Standley
Adam Low

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