the board of e4l consists of strong individuals in the K-12, University of Alaska, private industry, military, and international education arenas.

Roxanne Mourant

chief Executive officer


Roxy has been an educator in Alaska since 1985 as an elementary math tutor, K-12 music teacher, high school teacher for english, history, career & technical education, robotics coach, grant administrator, principal and coordinator for adult learning. She has worked at the state level with the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development - State Education Technology Coordinator and for the Alaska Staff Development Network. She owned and operated a flight school in Juneau, Alaska for several years while continuing to work on her master’s degree in Education Technology.

Roxy currently resides between Elfin Cove, Alaska and Issaquah, Washington. She continues to teach online courses in Alaska history, Careers, assists in developing curriculum for online courses, provides training on Growth Mindset and Design Thinking, coaches educators, and works on special projects such as the T3 Alliance.

Bill Sullivan



Bill (Sully) has been involved in education for the past 40 years. He spent the first decade of his career as a middle and high school teacher of mathematics, science and computer science in the state of Washington and served as a technology coordinator for a school system in the Republic of Marshall Islands.

He then went to work for Apple Computer serving in sales, marketing and sales leadership roles for 14 years when education technology was beginning to expand to schools. Following his career with Apple, Bill worked for other education companies in sales and sales leadership roles for Palm, HMH, Apex Learning and School Improvement Network.

Bill has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Washington and holds a Masters degree in Administration from Central Michigan University.

He resides in the state of Washington with his wife of 37 years, Linda, a retired educator, where they both enjoy spending time with their four married children and ten grandchildren.

Bill has served on the E4L board for several years.

Steve Moss

Vice Chair

Since 2010, Steve Moss has been a board member and recently, the Vice-Chair of E4L.

Steve is currently the Independent Chair of the ENNI (Education Network Northern Ireland) Innovation Forum which draws together government and other stakeholders from across the education landscape in the Northern Ireland province of the United Kingdom to review and develop the use of educational technology in the 1100 schools in the province. 

From 2005 until his retirement in 2012, Steve was the Strategic Director (Information & Communication Technologies) for the UK government’s Building Schools for the Future programme and oversaw a budget of £4.5 billion for the provision of hardware and software to high schools in England. 

Steve is a past Chair of the Board of the UK's National Association of Advisers on Computers in Education (NAACE), the UK equivalent of ISTE.


Dr. Pam Lloyd

Board Member

Dr. Pam Lloyd is the Vice President, GCI Corporate Strategy for Education, Healthcare, and Government sectors, providing strategic leadership for her teams in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Pam is an advocate for equitable broadband access to underserved rural schools, clinics and communities. She believes it is critical for ALL to have access to technology in order to be healthy and successful in a global and highly-connected marketplace. Pam currently serves as the Arctic Economic Council Chair for the working group on Connectivity to provide insight and guidance to the Arctic Council, serving across eight arctic countries.

Pam has held a number of leadership positions within both state and national organizations, and currently serves on the boards for the United States Academic Decathlon, the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration, the Global Alliance for Innovative Thinking, the Coalition for Education Equity in Alaska, the T3 Alliance, the University of Alaska School of Management, Business Advisory, and the Alaska Principal's Scholarship Foundation. She is the recipient of the International Society for Technology in Education Making IT Happen Award and the Ed-Tech Digest Leadership Award.

Prior to joining GCI, Pam spent 15 years as an educator and Instructional Technology Director for the school district. She provided technology support, resources, and opportunities for teachers and students in 103 schools. In addition to her career in education, Pam’s career path included work in government affairs, human resources, health insurance, and the construction industries as an IT professional.

Pam is an author, speaker, and presenter at state, national, and international venues on topics ranging from equitable broadband access, technology trends, problem-based learning through 1:1 devices to digital leadership. Pam published her dissertation on “Digital Dead Ends Along Alaska’s Information Highway” and co-published The 1:1 Guide Book for Leaders. Pam has also been a college instructor on the use of education technology and literacy.

Dr. Lloyd has a Ph.D. in transformational leadership in the digital age from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and a M.Ed. in Education Leadership with a Type B Certificate, and B.Ed. from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She also has an Educational Technology Endorsement from the University of Alaska Southeast.

Silas Wandera


Silas is currently an Implementation Success Manager at Apex Learning, Inc. Silas works closely with school district leadership and schools to create, develop, improve, and sustain their digital learning programs. Silas has 20 years of experience in education and professional development.

Beginning his career as a classroom teacher, Silas spent eight years as a middle school and high school teacher focusing on mathematics and computers at both NYC and Philadelphia School Districts. Concurrently, he served as a community leader for Teach for America, where he was responsible for developing effective teaching strategies among the organization’s secondary teachers.  Silas also served as a regional instructor with Texas Instruments, directly involved in professional development to peer teachers on using TI products in their classrooms. 

Silas holds a Doctorate with a focus on Organization, Innovation, and Leadership in Education from Wilmington University in Delaware.  He is an alumnus of City University of New York (CUNY-CSI) where he graduated with a BSc in computers science and Masters in Education.


Jose Sanchez

Board Member

Jose Sanchez, is a lifelong resident of San Marcos, TX and a graduate of Texas State University. He also a US Army Veteran that has honorably served in Iraq and Afghanistan in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (04-05) and Operation Enduring Freedom (08-09) where he was awarded the Army’s Combat Action Badge. Jose has held many leadership positions throughout his career and has extensive experience in operations and logistics management. Currently, Jose is the General Manager for Student Transportation Specialist and manages all the pupil transportation for Lockhart ISD in Lockhart, TX. Jose hopes to use his life’s experience as an immigrant and a first-generation college graduate to help other disadvantage student gain a higher education.

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Katherine W. Prawl


Founding president and chairman of ISMuseum, the non-profit organization that operates the virtual International Spaceflight Museum (begun in 2005), Kat formerly participated in the Compact Disc industry as a service provider, writer, publisher and consultant. She created the first website about CD technology, industry and applications in 1995 The CD Information Center. In addition to serving on the boards of E4L and ISMuseum, Kat is a board member of the Blanco MakerSpace in Blanco, Texas. She presently lives in the Texas Hill Country.


Rebecca Midles

Board Member

Rebecca Midles is the Vice President of System Design for Getting Smart.  She has a Masters in Educational Leadership with 20 years of experience in District Mobilization and Competency Work.  She is passionate about promoting lifelong learning and positive impacts around the world.  Her favorite learning experience is anytime there is a productive struggle and a need to dig into the problem or material. She is currently learning about the interplay of staying in a focused zone while creating space for innovative thinking and collaboration.


Her passion is in growing and empowering those around her through Real World Learning and pathways for learners, as well as innovative transcript development. She continues to seek new ways to scale innovative practices, such as personalized and competency-based learning for larger learning systems.  Rebecca puts learners first and is committed to assisting with the creation of a learner-centered educational system that empowers leaders and educators to meet the individual academic and social-emotional needs of all learners. She is known for guiding district level transformation as a leader and as a consultant and has led this work as a teacher, site leader, district leader and board member.