Teachers at a T3 Alliance Training in Hawaii.

Teachers at a T3 Alliance Training in Hawaii.

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Educating 4 Leadership (E4L) began in 2009 as a non-profit organization in Alaska to support the education projects and ideas created at Highland Academy Charter School, an award-winning charter school in Anchorage, Alaska.

Now, ten years later, E4L works with students, schools, communities internationally to promote student leadership through contextual learning - we believe in teaching and learning by doing. It is important to us that the students of today are ready to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of tomorrow. Young people have a special place in our hearts, and we want to ensure they are capable of cooperating with others, securing a strong future through leadership and community building.

E4L has partnered with T3 Alliance to create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) hands-on activities . Creating quality, affordable, unique materials, the T3 Alliance uses 3D printing, programming and autonomous vehicles (land/sea/air) to capture the imagination and ‘hook’ for learning. Through these activities, students learn about Design Thinking, community projects and giving back to society using the newly acquired technology skills to better our planet in real ways, actively helping in their own communities.

E4L began as a vision of Dr. Mark Standley, the first founder and C.E.O. Mark has been instrumental in creating change in educational technology through creating iDidaContest within ASTE, creating and conducting digital storytelling camps globally, and finding ways to make learning exciting for young people everywhere. Dr. Standley continues to work closely with E4L as their lead consultant for anything drones. He helps youth learn the skills of flying drones, the ethics behind it, and also forming their own commercial drone license and business.

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