on-boarding training

fairbanks, alaska

October 12-15, 2019

The T3 Alliance On-Boarding Training programs includes programming with Raspberry Pi  kit with attachable sensors; instruction in programming using NodeRed; understanding and implementing Design Thinking to address community problems; and empowering students to develop a growth mindset.  

4-Day Training Agenda

The T3 Alliance program focuses on training instructors using cutting-edge technologies: 3D printing, programmable Raspberry Pi devices, and autonomous vehicles (land/sea/air) that inspire students to pursue a STEM career field. Students’ knowledge is reinforced using Design Thinking to solve a local community issue with their new technological skills. Throughout the process instructors learn how to develop students’ resilience and a Growth Mindset. Training will be adapted to meet the needs of specific audiences to involve local community engagement opportunities. 


Software to "remote" into your pi

3d printer slicer software

  • Day 1: T3 Alliance overview, introduction to your technology specialists team, developing a Growth Mindset, using sensors included in the Raspberry Pi kit

  • Day 2: Introduction to 3D printing, advanced sensors and T3 Alliance curriculum and support. Introduction to Design Thinking and Student Mini Grant process.

  • Day 3: Involving your students in a community engagement project, customizing an implementation model for your site, website and support forum

  • Day 4: Structuring program to meet you particular site needs and collaborating with others. (Making the program work for you!)

Instructional Topics include

  • Summary of T3 Alliance and its positive impact on local programs

  • Become familiar with the national “Raspberry Pi” (RPi) movement

  • Introduction to working with Raspberry Pi by building computer

  • Introduction to NodeRed and coding for the Pi

  • Networking and accessing your RPi

  • Connecting the RPi to a wide variety of data collecting sensors

  • Combining 3D printing and Raspberry Pi technologies

  • Customizing the T3 Alliance model for your site implementation

  • Design Challenges and connecting students across projects

  • Creating a safe-learning environment and a successful program

  • University Dual Credit through UAF eCampus

  • Celebrating our cultural diversity


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Location of Training

The training will be held at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775



Hotel Accommodations

Participants will be staying at the Wedgewood Resort.
1501 Queens Way, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

(Five nites’ lodging is included for all T3 Alliance programs.)