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4 leadership

changing communities one student at a time

E4L supports opportunities to create authentic and relevant leadership activities that engage students on a global scale, creating experiences that inspire lifelong learners. Learn more about our non-profit and the work we support. 


Competency-Based Education Ignited

A Transformational Systemwide Approach for Leaders

By: Richard A. DeLorenzo, Roxanne L. Mourant

CBE Ignited is a call to action for transformation, shifting the traditional time-based educational system to a student-centered learning model. Gain a deep understanding of a CBE system along with critical steps for implementation that provide your students with the tools and processes to be empowered learners.


Connecting communities through student leadership

E4L provides training and support for educational projects in underserved communities globally. E4L embraces the T3 Alliance Philosophy “Teaching through Technology” (T3).  This is an adaptable curriculum with a comprehensive instructor support system that can be widely adapted to increase the STEAM (STEM + art) interest and access for underserved middle and high school students. Read about the impacts our projects have locally and globally.


T3 Alliance

T3 Alliance is the method E4L uses to create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and hands-on activities for underserved populations. T3 Alliance programs use current technologies to capture the imagination and ‘hook’ for learning. Through these activities, students learn about Growth Mindset to create safe learning environments where failure is embraced as a learning opportunity.  T3 uses the Design Thinking process adapted from Stanford University to develop community projects that give back to society using newly acquired technology skills. This model helps youth better our planet in real ways while actively supporting their own communities. Visit the T3 website for more information!

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MakeIT Secure

MakeIT Secure works with organizations and students to do digital assessment of how secure you are.  Working with staff and students, we teach the ethics behind the why and how, engaging students in their safety: both physical and digital, in order to provide safe learning environments that encourage creative thinking and problem solving.


CBE Ignited

CBE helps with system-wide change for education.  We provide teams of coaches and experts through our trainers as well as through collaboration with many partners who are making differences in various components of the change process.  All our training and support models what we expect from a CBE system, including starting where you are and building from that point, step-by-step as you are ready.


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