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About Us


Educating for Leadership, Inc. (E4L) began in 2009 as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation located in Alaska. We strive to enable creativity through innovative solutions that empower students to become lifelong learners and do so through our T3 Alliance philosophy.  E4L facilitates competency-based training and resources for educators with a systems approach, in order to empower learners with the leadership skills necessary to service and impact their communities with innovative technologies. 


We work with students, schools, and communities nationally and internationally to promote student leadership through contextual learning. The programs we support are hands-on. A core educational belief at E4L is teaching and learning by doing. It’s important to us that the students of today are ready to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges of tomorrow. We look for and support systemic programs that help change communities one student at a time.


Our Vision

Developing creative, solution-focused young leaders around the world through inspiring, innovative learning experiences to impact our future.

Our Mission

Supporting efforts that are innovating, inspiring, creative learning environments for young people in underserved communities around the world helping them to develop as problem posers, solvers, and empathic leaders.

Our Goals

  • Promote opportunities for individuals and organizations to use effective approaches to give back to their community.

  • Provide support through partnerships, fiscal investment, and strategic philanthropy to promote community development within underserved populations in one of four areas: Entrepreneurship; Design Thinking; Creativity; Global Community Impact


  • Support progressive learning, education, leadership, and emerging trends in education and worker development.

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We achieve our vision, mission, and goals through our T3 Alliance philosophy. E4L is the foundation for activating the competency-based education programs and projects executed by the T3 Alliance. 

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