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T3 Alliance partnered with "Connected Nation: Teens Teach Tech" for a 3-day event at Mississippi Va

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

MVSU students learned how to teach Safety for themselves & community: emotional, physical, and digital. Creating a 'safe' environment for learning, the future leaders (MVSU students) were instructed on situational awareness and digital media to make 2-minute movies showing scenarios.

On Day 1, forming a friendly competition and leaderboard, students quickly got into the game for their team, working to complete a video in just an hour, after receiving instruction from the Kimball Group on how to keep themselves and others safe through situational awareness. Purpix Media (Leal Smith) provided step-by-step instructions on parts of the video story, camera work, storyline, and editing tips using mobile devices. Make IT Secure provided some examples, stories, and tips on Cyber security to include in the videos.

On Day 2, Student leaders welcomed 60 new middle school students from a local charter school: Leflore Legacy Academy. Breaking them into teams, students provided instruction on situational awareness and relevant examples. Within the first 30 minutes, the new teams of students were matched with student leaders and given instruction on how to create their team videos, using their cell phones.

Teams worked together with the T3 Alliance team of instructors coaching them, and supporting the activities. After lunch, teams with their student leaders presented their films together and celebrated the work accomplished in such a short time.

On Day 3, Student leaders, T3 Alliance trainers and MVSU teams came together to quickly set up the three new locations for the day, including brainstorming the sound system and video zoom for presentations from Cyber Security. Students and team welcomed the new arrivals, helping them to break into ten teams for learning in smaller groups, starting with some warm-up activities.

After the quick introduction, teams broke into three strands. The main room seemed a bit quiet, but afterward, the students shared what they learned, and it was much deeper than anticipated. The Digital Media, Situational Awareness, and Drone breakouts were all very active and hands-on.

In reflection, T3 Alliance continues to be adaptable, but if possible would like to prepare the students coming. Overall, it felt like a huge success, having made a difference for many youths and especially for the community who vocalized their amazement when their children returned home so excited to share.

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