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Alaska District Recruitment Strategies Survey


Your participation in identifying Alaska District Recruitment Strategies is essential for developing a Statewide recruitment strategy. The Alaska Department of Education & Early Development contracted with Educating for Leadership to identify strategies school districts use to recruit teachers. 


As an appreciation for completing the survey, each district will receive a $100 Amazon card. Please leave your name and district. The card is yours to do with as you wish.


There are three ways you can provide your input.

Mobile Phone

Option 1

Call Our Answering Service

Call 907.891.8504 and after listening to the recorded message, please provide your name and district and leave a message responding to the three questions listed below. Your statement has no time limit, so feel free to be thorough. (The answering service is set up specifically for this survey only.)

Option 2

Online Survey

If you are more comfortable writing out your responses, complete the survey at: 

John Monahan.jpg

Option 3

Talk with John 

If you’d rather speak with someone, send an email to John Monahan <> or text/call 907.590.0376 with a time and date that works well for you, and your preference of a zoom or audio call. You will receive an invitation confirming your appointment time. 

Please respond to the following questions.


1) What tools or activities does the District use to get the word out about open positions? 

Examples include attending in and out-of-state Alaska Job fairs and advertising available positions. Does the District have the latitude to offer financial incentives not included in the negotiated agreement? Do you use online recruitment tools, job boards, advertising, website development, etc.? Do you tap into established relationships with teacher prep programs at other universities?

2)  What does the District do to encourage new employees to work there?

Examples include providing or improving housing options, formal or informal relationships with teacher preparation programs, opportunities for career advancement, and induction and mentoring programs.


3)  What services should the State or other agencies/partners provide to help you fill positions in the District?

Such as ATP or another agency dedicated to recruitment?

Thank you for your input.

Link to the website for more info:

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